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Tour Guide App

Development of an environmental tour guide application, mobile information portal or on-site notification/booking app.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

What are we building?

For example, we’re looking at relatively simple apps that can provide information to a user within a fixed environment. The concept is to have the app downloaded prior to arrival on-site, be it a museum, town or city type space, and then have the user use contextual menus to discover facts about an area or object in front of them.


Providing information to a user via an app cuts down significantly on printing costs for contextual information. The app can also update regularly, ensuring the content is kept up to date with changes and developments.

How would we go about this?

Content. An app of this style is only as useful as the content provided by the service. Before embarking on the development of an information delivery app, it is essential to have content at least nearly ready to deploy.

Cost impacting features

Building and deploying a simple app is great, but what can affect the time and cost?

Backend systems

Connecting the app to any kind of Content Mangement System will add time

User accounts

This is a big one: if a user needs to log in, then accounts/credentials and security all add time.


Any dynamic content adds overhead to the project, such as sending events to the app


Users booking events/rooms/tours etc requires an admin system to manage

Developing a tour guide application may not require complex development or design, but finding the right method of delivering content to users is essential.

It’s possible to get under the £10k mark for development if the app provides static and fixed content. However, in the long run, having to use a developer to update the app each time a new content update is required will add to the lifetime costs of the app.

From 3 to 6 months

From £10,000 to £20,000

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