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BournetoHack: Riselabs run VR to Inspire Students

Riselabs showcase VR to inspire prospective computer science students at Bourne Grammar School.

Photo by Fidel Fernando from Unsplash

Riselabs were recently invited across to Bourne Grammar School’s computer science department for their 6th form open evening. We brought a VR experience along to the department, showcasing the HTC Vive and its capabilities to prospective learners, parents and teachers alike.

Software Development and VR in Education

Bringing Virtual Reality across to this type of event was valuable in discussing the role computer science can play in moving into software development as a profession. An ongoing theme for Riselabs was talking to young students about the viability of graduating into development roles, and how VR can be considered an accessible technology to explore.

Thanks to the likes of Steam Greenlight (which is now being retired in place of Steam Direct) indie developers have the opportunity to showcase their VR Applications to a community of users. This community can upvote the apps they like, whose backing gives much needed support and traction to the development team.

Many indie developers are responsible for building the worlds that users are currently experiencing in VR, so Riselabs wanted to promote the role of Computer Science in bolstering the education that creates that pathway.

How We Got Into VR

At the open evening, we showcased the HTC Vive, which is one piece of VR hardware in Allia’s Innovation Lab, as well as the Oculus Rift. The hardware in the Innovation Lab isn’t limited to VR, though – Laser Cutters and 3D printers are also among the additional bits of kit available. The lab itself is somewhere Riselabs have been able to experiment and learn about this emerging technology.

The activities

Across the evening, over 30 people engaged with the VR experience, with over half of these experiencing VR with head tracking functionality for the first time. Visitors, students and teachers alike got to try out apps spanning from exploration to gaming. Overall, the Virtual Reality experience was very well received – we think the teachers enjoyed it the most!

Ever considered how VR could be applicable to businesses in your industry? Start a conversation with Riselabs.