Defining Riselabs, a software development company, is difficult

By 11 December 2020No Comments

When I set up Riselabs with my co-founder our first project, or a potential project, was to work with the start-up company that wanted to build a new app. We thought if we put our heads together and team up, we could apply both the skills from design and development to start making products.

Riselabs is quite simple and its concept; work with start-ups and build software. But it’s so hard to differentiate yourself in the crowd. I’ve never really thought of Riselabs as an agency – in fact; I quite dislike the word. An agency to me makes me think of someone who will do anything to like your idea and try and take your money, build what you’ve asked them, and then hand it back to you calling it job done. And then that’s the last you hear of them. Not that there’s much wrong with that model – it’s how a lot of businesses operate; a bit like a factory. Sell – build – deploy – next.

I didn’t want us to be like everyone else.

But trying to be unique sometimes isn’t that viable. So, how does one be unique but also compete with everyone else? I believe some key things make us unique – such as mine and my teams’ fascination with new, different or quirky start-up ideas. How does one bottle that into a sellable product or service?

As I am now the sole founder of Riselabs, it’s down to me to try and work that puzzle out. And it’s not easy. As I am not quite sure what makes us so memorable – but something is, because we keep getting work that feels unique and different. We don’t do anything ordinary or boring anymore – no standard websites or simple product this or basic platform that; everything we do is far more complex. 

I do love what we do – my team and I have worked with some exciting clients, with some pretty impressive ideas. We’ve had things come across our desks that are too crazy and wouldn’t work, and we’ve had pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. Variety is the spice of life – and I love that we get such enthusiastic and varied ideas presented to us to develop.

I want to meet those who have looked at the current offerings of software in the market and said: “This shit is not good enough!”.

But I want more. I want to reach more people who are a little bit quirky, have a next crazy big idea, or just trying to do something different. I want to speak to those who are fed up with the status quo, those who have looked at the current offerings of software in the market and said: “This shit is not good enough!”. I want to find those people who want to make a difference to others lives – who think they could develop an app that could generally do some good in the world.

I know they’re out there.

I am one of those people – I have some crazy ideas and some things I want to build. And as Riselabs grows I hope that I’ll get the opportunity to build those ideas out.

So, how do I meet people a bit like me?