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Validation Workshop

How do you know your idea is going to work?

This workshop is for you if you’ve got an app idea, but you’re intimidated, or not sure how it’s going to work. Or even if you’re half-way through your process but want to understand how it can reach its full potential.

Do you have an audience for your app?

We’ll work together to talk about your potential customers, and the market you operate in

Is the app going to solve a problem or provide a service?

Working out the purpose of your app is essential to the user experience

Have you chosen the right platform for the app?

What technologies do you need to employ? Backend systems? APIs? iOS or Android?

During this workshop I will be your sounding board to dig deep on the big ‘why’ of your idea. We’ll ensure you’ve made no assumptions about your idea or your audience, and help you understand if you’re prepared to launch this app.

Typically 2 to 4 hours

From £275 ex VAT

Validate an idea

Book a morning or afternoon consultation to go through your app ideas and business concepts and see what will work, and what might need further understanding.

Full validation post-session write-up provided.

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