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The process

When you choose me as your app consultant, here’s what you can expect. Let me talk you through the process.

App consultancy process

Where do I start?

I start by validating your idea. No matter where you’re in the idea process, together we’ll identify what’s possible and bring more ideas to the table.

It’s all got to start somewhere.


Does Riselabs build the app?

Ultimately, what you’re hiring me for is not to build your product outright, but to help you find out how to develop your product, what you need, who you need, the technical expectations, limitations etc. I support and guide you through the process.


Why do I need an app consultant?

Each app has different requirements and needs. Therefore, I help you identify which technology and approach your idea will need in order to become a viable product. There are a lot of options, paths and potential solutions.

Technical Specifications

I’ll help you build a blueprint for your app to which we can then use to instruct the team building your app. This can be used as a benchmark for your MVP, which contains objectives and outcomes.

Here’s a simplified process we’ll follow together:

Let's talk spec.

An app consultant will turn your idea into blueprints — Designable, buildable, functional specifications.

Book an initial chat to go through your idea.

Book a free chat


I’ll help you understand whether your idea is ready for the world and if it’s even possible. 



I can help prepare you to secure investment for your app idea. Or if you wish to monetise it, give you advice and guidance on how best to approach this.



As an app consultant, I’ll be here to answer your questions, remove the jargon, and be your guide through the development process.

What’s the easiest way to start?

Start with a conversation. Let’s share ideas, get to know each other and build up an image of what you are your business would like to achieve.

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